3 Signs That The Mom Is Done With Having Kids

Some women would only prefer to have one child by choice, and some want to have 6 or 7, or even more. That all depends on what they can financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally handle. And, not all women, of course, want to become mothers, but that is not what we are talking about. There are women that want to have a specific number of kids, and they have to be in agreement with their partners. However, there are also signs that they are completely done with growing their families. This means if a woman originally wanted to have 3 kids but in reality, is done after having 2 kids, there are signs that she would have to pay attention to and come to terms with about the fact that she is indeed done! Let’s look at the 3 signs that are indicative that a mom is ready to stop being a mom to more kids than the ones she already has (which has nothing to do with her financial situation, this is all based on how she feels).


She Still Wants Cuddles From The Baby But Not From Her Own – This mom may still love babies and may still love cuddling them, but she makes it quite clear that she does not want to go through the middle of the night feedings, the diaper changes, the teething, the colic, and anything else that comes with the territory with having a baby. She also makes it clear that she is looking forward to a new cousin coming into the family, or a new niece or nephew, and may even make a comment that way down in the future when her kids are old enough to start their own families, she would love to cuddle her future grandkids. But, she has no desire to have any more of her own.


She is Clearly Overwhelmed – This mom may have not realized that she ended up having 3 kids that she had bitten off more than she had chewed. She can’t keep up with having to take one child to hockey practice, then having to take another to dance class, and then having to look for the best preschool for her toddler all at the same time. She also constantly fantasizes about how much she is looking forward to the future when her kids are older, more independent so they no longer have to depend on her for too many things. She is overwhelmed and cannot wait to get her life back on track and start gaining some freedom again. She is done and no longer wants to do this again. Mothers with only 2 children where one has special needs would also feel the exact same way, but sometimes there is more fear with that. That is the legitimate worry that she could have another child with special needs which she clearly could not cope with.


She Feels Complete – This mom may not be severely overwhelmed but she has no desire to have any more kids because she feels that her family is complete. Those moms that don’t feel complete are the ones who allow their baby-fever to get the best of them and they are the ones that will go on to have more kids. And, many of these moms who don’t feel complete even after having 4 or 5 kids are the ones that are able to handle the chaos in the home, and are completely fine with going through the newborn, baby, and toddler phases again.


However, for any mom that feels complete will know this fact deep down. Unfortunately, the complete feeling can be a phase as well. Many moms may feel complete in their 30’s but once they hit their early 40’s when they still have some time left, they may no longer feel complete especially since her kids are more independent and older. Sometimes these moms end up having a baby and end up regretting it because they had forgotten what caring for a newborn entails. And, other times, these moms who experience this feeling of being completely done at a younger age and change their mind, later on, are unable to have kids since they have had their tubes tied. And, the bottom line is that those mothers who no longer want kids will go and make an appointment with their gynecologist to have a tubal ligation since they are sure about their decision. But some do end up regretting it, but there is a good chance that even if they want to have kids after the procedure has been done, they still made the right decision in the end.

5 Unusual Fertility Tips That Have Worked

Whenever a couple makes a decision to try for a baby, they do what they can to learn the best tips that will help them achieve conception quickly. That is why aspiring moms know they have to learn about their fertility times by charting their cycles, and the aspiring dads wear boxers instead of briefs and take short lukewarm showers as well to keep those swimmers growing and preserved. With that said, couples that are looking to achieve a pregnancy are only looking at conventional methods to increase their chances of it happening sooner rather than later. However, there are also unconventional ways that pregnancies can be achieved quickly, and these tips for making that happen will blow your mind. Let’s now find out about the 5 unusual and unconventional tips that many women have stated that has helped them get pregnant fast.

  1. Cough Syrup – You would only take out that stuff if you have a cold and want to keep the cough minimal at night so you can sleep. However, there are other uses for cough syrup and that is helping to increase female fertility. The alcohol in the cough syrup helps thin out cervical mucus and that is how pregnancy has a higher chance of being achieved. With that said, you still have to chart and know when you are the most fertile in your cycle. However, when you know that ovulation is near, it is time to take out the cough syrup!
  2. Acupuncture And Reflexology – Many women have gone to reflexologists and acupuncturists in order to help them achieve a pregnancy quicker, and many of them have sworn it has helped increase their fertility. If the pressure points on the fingers, hands, and feet are triggered that are tied to the reproductive system, it can make a huge difference.
  3. Good Old Gravity – This one is a no brainer but after having sex at the optimal time, by lying down with keeping your legs up for a half an hour can increase the chances of pregnancy quite a bit. So this is one method that all couples need to utilize when they are trying for a baby. This really is not truly an unconventional hack, but it is in this list because not enough couples that are trying to conceive know about this very easy one.
  4. Fertility Smoothies – Many celebrities have tried creating a mixture of fertility-boosting herbs in a smoothie regardless of flavor and this has been said to be quite helpful when it comes to them conceiving. And as long as the herbs are safe such as chaste berry tree, and the smoothie has no alcohol then this can be extremely helpful when it comes to increasing fertility. The best thing to do is do some research on fertility-boosting herbs and it is also best to consult with a naturopathic doctor in order to get help with this as well. You can get creative with the type of smoothie you want to blend as well as any fruits and veggies would be just fine.
  5. Green Tea – There is no real evidence that green tea can really help increase fertility, but it is believed that the properties in green tea can be helpful with nurturing the reproductive system. So since it can only help and not hurt your chances of getting pregnant, it is an easy hack to try out. It is a much better thing to take in than a fattening and sugary frappuccino which you know will hinder your chances of getting pregnant due to the fact it is full of sugar and preservatives that can do more harm than good to your reproductive system.

If you utilize these hacks, and all of these hacks, you may very well get pregnant sooner rather than later. However, just remember that if you do not get pregnant within 12 months, then it is not a concern as achieving a pregnancy can take a while. However, if you are healthy and have no issues with your reproductive system, and you are under the age of 35, and haven’t conceived within 12 months – then that is the time to go to the doctor so you can be referred to a fertility specialist. Once you find out the cause for infertility, then you can utilize these hacks after you are going on the right treatment to help you conceive quickly. It can only help anyway, and hopefully soon after that, you will once and for all conceive that much-wanted baby!

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